News Items

Title Posted
Ask the UK to sign the new UN Treaty to Prohibit Nuclear Weapons 6th August 2017
Burghfield protesters have convictions quashed 3rd August 2017
Something Has Gone Seriously Wrong at AWE Aldermaston 3rd August 2017
Plutonium Hot Particles Still Afloat Throughout Japan 30th July 2017
Robot Finds Likely Melted Fuel Heap Inside Fukushima Reactor 25th July 2017
Fukushima Radiation and the 2020 Tokyo Olympics 21st July 2017
FAQs regarding the new UN Treaty to ban nuclear weapons 13th July 2017
France could close a third of nuclear reactors: minister 10th July 2017
US Officials Say Russian Government Hackers Have Penetrated Energy & Nuclear Networks 10th July 2017
NIS release a new briefing paper on the UK and the nuclear ban treaty 10th July 2017
An Historic Day at the UN 9th July 2017
Legal Move to Take Theresa May to Court Over Planned Use of Trident 25th June 2017
Spending Watchdog Condemns Risky and Expensive Hinkley Point 25th June 2017
History in the Making 15th June 2017
Call on our government to support the historic negotiations to ban the bomb! 9th June 2017
Find Out More About the Draft UN Treaty to Ban Nuclear Weapons 30th May 2017
Nuclear nightmare worse than Fukushima could hit US because of ignored risks 29th May 2017
Financial and Technological Problems for Nuclear Power Constructors 25th May 2017
General Election Salisbury 2017 Nuclear Positions at a Glance 23rd May 2017
Switzerland to Phase Out Nuclear Power 22nd May 2017
Draft Text Released by UN for Treaty Prohibiting Nuclear Weapons 22nd May 2017
Nuclear Weapons Convoy Broke Down on Slip Road to M40 18th May 2017
Check your Confidence in Trident 18th May 2017
Defence Secretary unable to deny Trident nuclear submarines run on same outdated software hackers exploited to cripple NHS systems 15th May 2017
New Fear of Explosions in Fukushima Nuclear Waste 11th May 2017
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