News Items

Title Posted
Ramp up pressure on the government to stop arms exports to Israel 13th April 2024
Who Is to Blame for the War in Ukraine? 13th April 2024
Scottish CND Archive 13th April 2024
British MP Bob Cryer died in a mysterious car crash after exposing America's secret spy base, Menwith Hill 13th April 2024
UK Defence Journal 'Weekly Brief' 13th April 2024
Stop Arming Israel - Stop the Spread of War 12th April 2024
Sign up for an upcoming online book club. 12th April 2024
Catch up: Nuclear exploitation: how uranium mining harms communities – CND and Beyond Nuclear webinar 12th April 2024
Don’t put Britain on the nuclear front line - Sign a letter 12th April 2024
Communication with John Glen, MP 12th April 2024
Listen Up! Tariq Ali Has a Message for You 12th April 2024
CND Press Digest: Friday 12 April 2024 12th April 2024
Nuclear Information Service update: April 2024 12th April 2024
This Saturday, 13th April, will be a national Day of Action for Palestine 11th April 2024
CND Press Digest: Thursday 11th April 2024 11th April 2024
Letter in Salisbury Journal: This is What Happens in War 11th April 2024
National CND's annual Spring Appeal 10th April 2024
CND Press Digest: Wednesday 10th April 2024 10th April 2024
Outdragon revealed: UK secretly using US signal intelligence pod on drone operations 9th April 2024
CND Press Digest: Tuesday 9th April 2024 9th April 2024
CND News: Protests are taking place across Britain this weekend 9th April 2024
Bristol CND Peace matters April/May 2024 9th April 2024
Declassified UK 8th April 2024
Rolls Royce & Submarines 8th April 2024
UK's Nuclear Waste Dump Advisor Wants No Scrutiny Over Nuclear Impacts of His Coal Mine 8th April 2024
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