News Items

Title Posted
CND Symbol Tour in Brighton 14th June 2018
CND Symbol Tour visits Stonehenge 13th June 2018
Britain’s nuclear U-turn puts us in a very lonely club 11th June 2018
Wylfa reactor type has suffered major problems in other countries. 5th June 2018
UK takes £5bn stake in Welsh nuclear power station in policy U-turn 5th June 2018
The Environment Agency plans to approve the proposed increase discharge limits for Aldermaston AWE 2nd June 2018
MoD Faces Massive Nuclear Funding Gap, Say Auditors 22nd May 2018
An invitation to sign a Greenpeace petition on Nuclear Power 21st May 2018
ICAN's thoughts on the current situation 10th May 2018
A different perspective on the Salisbury poisonings 13th April 2018
Delays due to welding faults in latest EDF power station 13th April 2018
60th Anniversary of the founding of CND 1st April 2018
Don't Let Them Stop Talking About Nuclear Disarmament 29th March 2018
Check if your bank invests in nuclear weapons 21st March 2018
ICAN are asking "Is your money being used to fund nuclear weapons?" 7th March 2018
AWE apply to increase their permitted discharges of volatile beta emitters to the atmosphere by 2200% 19th February 2018
Nuclear risk at its highest since Cuban missile crisis, says ex-energy secretary 17th February 2018
Reflections on 60 years of CND 15th February 2018
CND Symbol Tour of Britain 12th February 2018
Beatrice Fihn of ICAN addresses the European Parliament 7th February 2018
60 years of CND - our anniversary 6th February 2018
U.S. Nuclear Posture Review 2nd February 2018
Fukushima Operator Turned Down Tsunami Simulation 9 years before disaster 1st February 2018
Doomsday Clock at Two Minutes to Midnight 26th January 2018
Former Launch Officers Urge Congress to Curb Trump's Nuclear Powers 11th January 2018
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