Social Value in Defence Procurement

Posted: 20th May 2024

The UK Government’s introduction of the Cabinet Office Social Value Model in 2021 marked a significant shift in public sector procurement.

Building on the Social Value Act 2012, this model requires suppliers to demonstrate how their work will contribute to broader social, economic, and environmental goals.

This approach focuses on tackling economic inequality, combating climate change, and promoting equal opportunity, fundamentally changing how government contracts are awarded.

The Ministry of Defence (MOD) has fully embraced these principles, embedding social value into its procurement processes. Now, defence suppliers are evaluated not only on traditional metrics such as quality, time, and cost, but also on the additional benefits their projects bring to communities and the environment.

This approach encourages suppliers to deliver wider public value, aligning with the Government’s policy to prioritise British suppliers and integrate social value into every aspect of procurement.

Social Value in Action: HMS Ambuscade Repatriation

An exemplary initiative that embodies these principles is the Clyde Naval Heritage’s project to repatriate HMS Ambuscade, currently known as PNS Tariq, from Pakistan to the River Clyde.

This project offers a unique opportunity for defence firms in Scotland to demonstrate their commitment to social value, aligning with the MOD’s procurement criteria.

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