Next Thursday, 23 May, will see a parliamentary debate on British arms exports to Israel

Posted: 16th May 2024

It has just been announced that next Thursday, 23 May, will see a parliamentary debate on British arms exports to Israel. Although there will not be a vote, this is an important opportunity for MPs to challenge the government over the ongoing sale of weapons used by Israel in its violent attacks on Palestinians. Will you write to your MP, and urge them to attend and speak in the debate next Thursday?
Write to your MP

This debate comes at an urgent moment. Israel’s attacks on the besieged Gaza Strip have killed over 34,904 Palestinians. 1.9 million people have been displaced and over 70% of housing has been damaged or destroyed. Israel is now threatening a full-scale military offensive against the 1.5 million Palestinian people who are currently trapped in Rafah. 

In the words of Palestinian poet and author Mahmoud Darwish, ‘the Nakba is not a memory; it is a continuous uprooting’.  

Click below to see our video of Ghada Karmi telling her family’s Nakba story.

The Nakba anniversary marks 76 years of expulsion, destruction, massacres, and apartheid, but it also marks 76 years of Palestinian resilience and determination.

Today at 6pm we will be hosting our special online event to commemorate the Nakba. Speakers from Palestine and the Palestinian diaspora will reflect on what the ongoing Nakba means to them and their families through personal experiences, poetry, and stories.

You won’t want to miss this powerful and moving session. Click here to tune in!

Across the world, the solidarity movement is gaining new strength and determination, and the call to action could scarcely be more urgent. 

Write to your MP

Write to your MP today, tune in at 6pm for our online Nakba commemoration, and then join us this Saturday as we march again for Palestine in London. 

We will not stop until Palestine is free. 

In solidarity, 


PSC Campaigns Officer

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