Mapping Militarism 2024: Expanded and Improved Online Tools Created

Posted: 7th May 2024

A new set of maps — now three-dimensional — is available at

They allow you to explore the world, now and back through the years. Which nations are spending how much money on militaries? Which are spending how much per capita? Which are exporting weapons? Which are importing weapons from the dominant weapons exporter (hint: it’s also the self-appointed captain of the Rules Based Order)?

Which nations have wars? Is there any overlap with those producing weapons? Which nations possess which horrible weapons?

What is the shape of the U.S.-NATO global empire: where are the bases? how many troops are there? For more details on bases, you can also click through to this source, also newly updated:

Which nations are supporting peaceful initiatives, treaties, and institutions that might reduce the slaughter of war? And which still need to be urged to do so?

Find it all on the Mapping Militarism maps.

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