Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, May 2, 2024

Posted: 2nd May 2024

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The central coast of California with the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant in the background
The central coast of California, with the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant in the background.

An Indigenous future for nuclear power in California?

Diablo Canyon is California’s last operating nuclear power plant. It sits on the traditional territory of the Yak Titʸu Titʸu Yak Tiłhini—also known as the YTT—home to former villages, burial grounds, and sacred sites. The YTT want it back. Read more.

To find a place to store spent nuclear fuel, Congress needs to stop trying to revive Yucca Mountain

A recent congressional hearing tried to revive the fantasy that the US government could somehow manage to build a nuclear waste repository at Yucca Mountain. It doesn’t have to. Read more.

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International reactions to China’s nuclear weapon: ‘A Bomb for all Asians and Africans’

Within the recently published “The short march to China’s hydrogen bomb” by Hui Zhang, there is a spotlight on global reactions to the inception of China’s nuclear capability. Read more.

Kelp forests are 32 million years old—and need saving

In case you missed it: a Bulletin original video exploring the important role of Earth’s kelp forests and their precarious future. Watch here.

“After years of Republican resistance to reform, the effort to expand [the Radiation Exposure Compensation Act]’s scope is especially crucial now. The current statute will expire on June 7, and Congress has less than 20 legislative days to renew it.”

— Gloria Gonzalez, “Why the clock is ticking for survivors of nuclear testing,” The Recast, Politico


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