CND Press Digest: Thursday 2nd May 2024

Posted: 2nd May 2024

Nukes in Britain

  • Documents about blood and urine testing of British troops during radiation. experiments are due to be published, campaigners have been told.

Global Nukes

  • US official urges China, Russia to declare only humans, not AI, control nuclear weapons.
  • The Washington PostVoters, please think about the menace of nuclear annihilation.
  • The Daily Star on Annie Jacobsen’s book Nuclear War: s scenario: A new theory on how the world could end in just 72 minutes has been aired by an investigation which showed North Korea could launch two missiles at the US and bring on the end of the world.

Nuclear Energy

NATO / Europe

  • Euromiadan PressPoland requests NATO nuclear weapon placement amid Russia’s nuclear threats.
  • NewsweekPoland conflicted on nuclear weapons.
  • Trump-proofing NATO: why Europe’s current nuclear deterrents may not be enough to face biggest threats since WWII.

Middle East & North Africa

AUKUS / Indo-Pacific

  • The Times: As South Korea comes knocking — will AUKUS become the Asian NATO?
  • New Zealand not close to decision on joining AUKUS pact, minister says.
  • Is State Dept.’s AUKUS trade certification delay a sign of choppy waters ahead?



Pádraig McCarrick


Press and Communications Officer

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