Interview: LaForge on U.S. nukes in Europe

Posted: 1st May 2024



Global Network Against Weapons  Nuclear Power in Space




Will the U.S. & NATO use the nuclear weapons stationed at EU bases against Russia?



Our latest edition of the Global Network’s Space Alert podcast features an interview with John LaForge from Nukewatch and Bruce Gagnon.


They discuss the current deployment and upgrade of Pentagon nuclear weapons at NATO bases throughout Europe. (See map at the top of this email)


John talks about his long participation in protests at these bases in Europe and his recent time in a German jail following his latest arrest for cutting a hole in a fence and entering the base.


You can watch the interview here


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NATO expansion is an aggressive danger to peace!



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Some find it hard to believe, but NATO is planning a big celebration of 75 years of itself, with meetings beginning July 9, 2024, in Washington, D.C., at which we can expect many presidents, prime ministers, foreign secretaries, military brass and weapons dealers.


We are planning a peace summit on Saturday, July 6 and a rally on Sunday, July 7.


We say yes to peace and no to NATO!


We favor the abolition of NATO.


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