CND Press Digest: Monday 29th April 2024

Posted: 29th April 2024

Nukes in Britain

  • The FerretThe number of safety incidents that could have leaked radiation at the Trident nuclear base on the Clyde has risen to the highest in 15 years, according to information released by the Ministry of Defence (MoD).

Global Nukes

  • Reutersthe Times, and Politico on comments from Emmanuel Macron saying that France’s nuclear weapons should be part of any debate on a European-wide system.
  • The MirrorPreviously secret documents which have now been revealed exposed which city would be destroyed first in the event of a nuclear war. The newly-declassified papers, titled “General Nuclear War”, have been kept under wraps by the US government until now and reveal that if a nuclear war broke out, US capital Washington DC – home to the White House and nearby the top secret Pentagon building – could be the first to be obliterated.
  • Politico’s review of Annie Jacobsen’s Nuclear War: A Scenario.

UK Nuclear Energy

  • Rolls-Royce has reportedly downscaled its ambitions to construct nuclear factories in the UK, citing delays in a government design competition for its small modular reactor programme

Nuclear Energy

  • The TelegraphThe ‘twisted doughnut’ reactor that could bring nuclear fusion a step closer. New reactor design could help unlock commercial development of super-fuel.
  • German magazine Cicero has accused the German Greens of lying about safety issues at the country’s nuclear power plants to ensure they were shut down.
  • Reuters ExclusiveUAE planning second nuclear power plant, sources say.

NATO / Europe

  • Former British army officer Richard Kemp writes in the Telegraph: Donald Trump has saved NATO – and the West. Alliance members are increasing defence spending precisely because they fear he will pull out.
  • Ukraine’s Zelenskiy issues fresh plea for Patriots, EU accession, NATO entry.

Middle East & North Africa

AUKUS / Indo-Pacific

  • Reuters: As the United States faces security threats across the globe, its close ally Japan has committed to stepping up as a trusted defence partner – but Tokyo’s cyber and information security vulnerabilities remain a concern, officials and experts say.
  • The Times: China’s ‘high-speed nuclear sub’ is challenge to US military might. President Xi is exploring theoretical technology that uses laser pulses to produce the thrust of a jet engine under water



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