Ramp up pressure on the government to stop arms exports to Israel

Posted: 13th April 2024

We need you to take 3 simple actions to ramp up pressure on the government to stop arms exports to Israel. Can you join the push to #StopArmingIsrael by following these steps?
  1. Sign the ‘Stop Arming Israel’ petition (if you haven’t yet done so)

  2. Click here to share our petition video on social media, and ask 5 of your friends or family to also sign the petition

  3. Join the protest outside parliament on Wednesday at 6pm

On Tuesday, a delegation will be heading to Downing Street to hand in our petition demanding the government immediately stops selling weapons to Israel, and also publishes any legal advice it’s received regarding Israel’s violations of international law. We already have over 50k signatures, but know we can do even better with your help.

This couldn’t be more urgent. Israel has already killed over 33,000 Palestinians, including over 200 aid workers, in its genocidal attacks against the Gaza Strip. Now is the time to maximise pressure on the UK government to end its complicity in these atrocities.

Stop Arming Israel petition video

Thanks to people like you, real pressure is building for the government to finally do the right thing and stop arming Israel. Hundreds of thousands of supporters have taken part in events across the country today to reaffirm our longstanding demand for an end to the UK-Israel arms trade. Please keep it up!

Peter, our actions are working, and there is now a significant cross-party body of MPs calling for the UK to stop arming Israel. We’ll be amplifying that pressure with our petition hand-in this week, and by protesting outside parliament on Wednesday 17th April at 6pm.

Sign the ‘Stop Arming Israel’ petition

Please sign and share the ‘Stop Arming Israel’ petition, and join us outside parliament on Wednesday at 6pm.

In solidarity,


PSC Campaigns Officer

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