British MP Bob Cryer died in a mysterious car crash after exposing America's secret spy base, Menwith Hill

Posted: 13th April 2024

Thirty years ago this month, the British MP Bob Cryer died in a mysterious car crash after exposing America’s secret spy base, Menwith Hill. The base serves as a ground component for the Full Spectrum Dominance space doctrine. I’ve written a book about Cryer’s life and death ( From the blurb:


“Coles does us a service by drawing attention to the life and death of the respected Labour MP Bob Cryer. He makes a persuasive case that there are questions still to be answered about the manner of his death…” Rt. Hon. Norman Baker.

Did a British politician pay the ultimate price for investigating America’s secret spy base? In 1994, Bob Cryer died tragically in what was reported to be a car accident. Thirty years later, author T.J. Coles (Britain’s Secret Wars) has unearthed the inquest papers. He argues that many questions still remain: How come the crash happened just weeks after Cryer exposed America’s military-intelligence installation, Menwith Hill? Who was the mysterious witness never interviewed by police? And why did the forensic reports go missing? But this book is more than just about Bob Cryer. It untangles the century-long thread of British, and later American, intelligence and how those agencies operate without accountability in what is supposed to be a democracy.

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