Don’t put Britain on the nuclear front line - Sign a letter

Posted: 12th April 2024

Graphic with mushroom cloud in the background and outline of protesters with placards in the foreground One placard reads

It’s been two years since the news broke that Britain is being primed for the return of US nuclear bombs for the first time since 2008. Since then, the evidence has mounted that the new B61-12 nuclear bomb will be stationed at RAF Lakenheath in Suffolk. CND has been working tirelessly to expose and oppose this terrible destabilising development, holding several national demonstrations at the base, an attempted citizens’ weapons inspection, and numerous local and online events.


Last August, we spoke to the Guardian when they reported on fresh documents revealing the construction of a dormitory for a “potential surety mission” at Lakenheath. ‘Surety,’ a term used by the US government to refer to nuclear weapons, featured again in more contracts unearthed by the Telegraph, ordering additional building works required for a nuclear weapons mission at the base. CND and our lawyers at Leigh Day have questioned the legality of these building works with West Suffolk Council and are awaiting their response.


Media awareness about our campaign is growing and Lakenheath activists featured in a BBC documentary on rising nuclear tensions, which aired in January. We intend to grow the campaign further throughout the spring and summer with a series of actions and we need your support!

Letter hand-in to government: As part of our next steps, we have sign and share widely!

 Protesters with banners and placards pose for a groups photo outside RAF LakenheathCND groups and supporters to organise and take part in local actions and events on Saturday 11 May. 


London groups are encouraged to join the demonstration being organised outside the US Embassy, which will take place from 12 noon to 2pm.


A full list of national events along with resources for the day are being posted to our events page here. If you are organising an event in your own community, please get in touch with [email protected] with the details so we can advertise on the website as soon as possible.


Lakenheath Alliance for Peace: international peace camp this July!


In March, representatives from the newly formed Lakenheath Alliance for Peace gathered at Lakenheath air base where they handed in a letter and spoke with the base commander.  


The coalition - which includes CND, CND Cymru, and Norwich CND – is committed to preventing the return of US nuclear weapons to RAF Lakenheath and will hold an international peace camp near the base from 11-25 July.


We encourage people to take part and we will be joined by activists opposing US nuclear weapons at other bases in Europe, as well as other international peace campaigners!