Communication with John Glen, MP

Posted: 12th April 2024

Dear John,

Please take a few minutes to watch the video from our latest ceasefire vigil held in Salisbury last Saturday.

Seventeenth Salisbury Ceasefire Vigil

We ask you to use your best influence to move this government to a strong position demanding a permanent ceasefire now and to stop supplying  weapons which only feed into the humanitarian disaster that is unfolding.

Yours sincerely,

Peter Gloyns,

Salisbury CND


Dear Peter,


Thank you so much for your email – I really appreciate you taking the time to write and share this material with me, and the concerns we all share for the conflict in the Middle East.


You will know the UK Government is calling for an immediate humanitarian pause to get aid in and hostages out. Through this we hope to facilitate a sustainable ceasefire towards a long-term, peaceful two-state solution.


It is clear the suffering of innocent civilians is dire, and the UK is working closely with our partners to open safe and sustainable routes to deliver humanitarian aid for which we all agree there is a desperate need.


I think the Foreign Secretary was absolutely right to say that nothing must distract us from the fact that if we want to avoid famine and disease, and if we want to help people in Gaza, we need 500 trucks of aid and assistance a day. It means we need more crossing points, simpler logistics, ensuring proper deconfliction so the aid can get into Gaza, and more visas for UN staff to deliver these things.


However, that is not without the underlying imperative to ensure the safe release of hostages still trapped in Gaza – and that is where Lord Cameron is putting significant pressure.


I want to make clear that the UK remains committed to getting humanitarian aid to the people in Gaza who desperately need it. We are getting on with aid delivery, funding multiple implementing partners including other UN agencies and international and UK NGOs. This support is helping people in Gaza get food, water, shelter and medicines.


The commitment to trebling aid to Gaza still stands and the UK is providing humanitarian assistance to support partners including the British Red Cross, UNICEF, the UN World Food Programme and Egyptian Red Crescent Society to respond to critical food, fuel, water, health, shelter and security needs in Gaza.


Indeed, the UK will continue to support the United Nations World Food Programme to deliver a new humanitarian land corridor from Jordan into Gaza. 750 tonnes of life-saving food aid arrived in the first delivery and 315 tonnes in the second delivery.


I hope this explains mine and the Government’s position, and I will always be sure to share your concerns with my colleagues.


I have also seen your emails on the Salisbury ceasefire vigils, and have watched the videos which you have shared – I am grateful to you for sharing this material.


Thank you very much.


Very best,



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