Nuclear Information Service update: April 2024

Posted: 12th April 2024

AUKUS plans progress with BAE announcement

With the announcement that BAE Systems will help to build the Australian SSN-AUKUS submarines, the partnership is taking shape. However, slow production of Virginia-class submarines in the US may entail future problems. More

Astraea: new warhead named in Defence Command paper

The name of the forthcoming UK warhead was revealed in the the Defence Nuclear Enterprise Command Paper. The Command Paper also contained information about completion of the Mk4A warhead upgrade and work on a new submarine reactor. More

Parliamentary Committee identifies gap in MOD spending scrutiny

In a recent report the Public Accounts Committee said that some aspects of the MOD’s Equipment Plan spending were not being properly scrutinised by parliament and said the MOD lacked the “discipline to balance its budget”. More

201 days: HMS Vengeance completes another long patrol

Following a 195-day patrol by HMS Vigilant, this second consecutive patrol of more than six months is thought to be the second-longest on record. More

Vanguard’s failed Trident launch: what do we know?

NIS Director David Cullen analyses what we know about HMS Vanguard’s failed test launch, in a piece originally published in February. More

National Library of Scotland receives the Ainslie Archive

Following our digitisation project, the ‘special collection’ of John Ainslie’s archive of over 3000 documents, reports, press-cuttings, de-classified Cold War memos and other documents has gone to its permanent home. More
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