This Saturday, 13th April, will be a national Day of Action for Palestine

Posted: 11th April 2024

This Saturday, 13th April, will be a national Day of Action for Palestine. Will you join your local action this weekend?

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Six months on from the start of Israel’s genocidal assault against the Palestinian people of the Gaza Strip, Britain and other western governments are still supplying deadly arms to Israel. Our Palestinian partners have asked us to call on the government to immediately stop arms exports and reiterate our demand for an immediate and permanent ceasefire.

As well as protests in towns and cities across Britain, Saturday’s day of action will include a central London march for all those living in the South East. If you live near London, join us on Saturday in Russell Square at 12noon.

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The mounting pressure on the British government shows that our campaign is working. We must keep taking action to demand a ceasefire, for adequate aid to be supplied to the people of Gaza, and an end to complicity in Israel’s attacks. Please check where your local action is this weekend.

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Wherever you live, take to the streets this weekend to demand an end to Israel’s genocidal violence, call for Britain to stop arming Israel, and show your support for freedom and justice for the Palestinian people.

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