National CND's annual Spring Appeal

Posted: 10th April 2024

NUCLEAR WAR IS LOOMING: our government is fuelling two major conflicts, escalating nuclear risks!

Please donate today and help CND campaign to end these dangerous wars that could result in nuclear disaster


I’m writing to ask if you can donate to our annual Spring Appeal and help end dangerous wars that could result in nuclear annihilation.


The world is closer to nuclear war than it’s ever been – with the escalating tensions over the conflict in Ukraine, the deepening crisis in the Middle East, and the alarming new nuclear arms race. For the first time in over three decades, the global nuclear arsenal is on the increase, a reversal of decades of gradual disarmament.

Meanwhile the British government is ramping up military spending by actively supplying weapons to war zones and growing its own nuclear arsenal. And it continues to pour £billions of taxpayers’ money down the military drain, taking money away from our desperate public services.

We must put a stop to this! With your help, CND can continue its work to help end these wars, organising national demonstrations and mobilising international rallies – ensuring the voices of the majority, for peace, are heard.

Please, if you can, send a donation and help us raise £19,000 with this appeal. Your contribution will make a tangible difference to our efforts to achieve these critical objectives.

In a recent statement, Defence Secretary Grant Shapps described a dangerous shift from a “post-war world, to a pre-war world”. Yet rather than taking steps for peace, he advocates for even more spending on defence, including nuclear weapons, and heightened military preparedness – making war more likely.


But nuclear weapons do not ensure our safety; they make us a target. The government’s determination to take risky action to escalate events, attempting to reassert itself on a global scale, puts us all at risk.


Make no mistake, the decision to invest in weapons and warfare, rather than in the well-being of the British public, is a conscious political choice – one that neither you nor I can endorse.

CND remains steadfast in its commitment to ending these conflicts, advocating lasting political solutions, and removing the threat of nuclear disaster.

Your support is crucial to our work for peace and nuclear disarmament. Please consider making a much-needed donation if you possibly can.

In peace,

Kate Hudson

General Secretary

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