CND Press Digest: Tuesday 9th April 2024

Posted: 9th April 2024

NATO / Europe

  • The GuardianRussia and Ukraine have each accused the other of launching kamikaze drones at the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant in an incident condemned by the International Atomic Energy Agency for recklessly endangering safety. The nuclear watchdog said onsite inspectors had seen the damage caused by drone detonations at three locations, including “superficial scorching” at the top of the roof of reactor 6, although it said its structural integrity was not compromised.
  • The Morning Star: The head of the United Nations’ atomic watchdog condemned Sunday’s drone strike on one of six nuclear reactors at the Russian-controlled Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant in Ukraine. Rafael Mariano Grossi said the attacks “significantly increase the risk of a major nuclear accident.”
  • ReutersRussia said Ukraine struck the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power stationcontrolled by Russian forces three times on Sunday and demanded the West respond, though Kyiv said it had nothing to do with the attacks.
  • Reuters: Russia said on Monday that Ukraine had endangered European nuclear security by attacking the Russian-controlled Zaporizhzhia nuclear power station with a drone which was shot down over a reactor.
  • FT: European defence groups warn over reliance on Chinese cotton used in gunpowder. Western countries’ push to strengthen Ukraine’s military has sent demand for ammunition soaring.
  • The TelegraphGerman army sets up first overseas bases since Second World War. As soldiers arrive in Lithuania, Berlin says the permanent presence of 5,000 troops will send a ‘clear signal of solidarity.’
  • Financial TimesExport potential of new equipment key for MoD procurement shake-up, says minister. James Cartlidge said overseas sales prospects would get greater weighting when the defence ministry assesses bids for new weapons and kit as part of a series of reforms that come into effect from Monday.
  • Hamish de Bretton-Gordon writes in the Telegraph: Putin is preparing to unleash a new wave of terror weapons. Europe stands on the brink of chemical and nuclear escalation.
  • The TimesNATO needs less backslapping and more realism. The Atlantic alliance’s 75th anniversary celebrations mask deep-seated problems and big threats.

Middle East & North Africa

  • The GuardianHome Office refusal of Gaza family reunion requests ‘irrational’, judge rules. Families succeed in legal challenges after Home Office refused to decide on reunion applications without biometric data.
  • A WHO photographer in Gaza: ‘There’s just an overwhelming need for peace.’Chris Black, who spent more than a month documenting the situation in Gaza for the World Health Organization, talks about the trauma and destruction he witnessed.
  • Palestinian writer and lawyer Raja Shehadeh writes in the Guardian: After six months of war, I fear we may lose Palestine completely. Israel’s onslaught has been on a scale never seen before. I spend my days searching for hope.
  • BBCGermany faces genocide case over Israel weapon sale.
  • BBC: Benjamin Netanyahu says date for offensive in Gaza’s Rafah has been set.
  • Politico: France, Egypt, Jordan jointly call for ‘unconditional’ Gaza cease-fire.

AUKUS / Indo-Pacific

  • The GuardianAustralia says military collaboration with Japan is not about creating ‘JAUKUS.’ Australia, UK and US say they want to support regional stability and security but China ‘gravely concerned.’
  • The TelegraphCanada could join AUKUS defence pact as Trudeau considers nuclear sub patrols in Arctic waters. The Canadian prime minister says he has already held ‘excellent conversations’ with the US, UK and Australia over joining the alliance.
  • Global Times: AUKUS expansion an alarming move destabilizing region: experts.
  • Reuters ExplainerWhy is North Korea testing hypersonic missiles and how do they work?

Nukes in Britain

  • Kate Hudson’s latest blog post on the CND website looks at the government’s attempt to spin its failing nuclear weapons system.


  • City AM: Rolls-Royce has received a funding boost from the UK Space Agency to develop nuclear-powered projects for the space sector. Some £1.2m is being offered up to Rolls-Royce Submarines and the US-based nuclear supplier BWX Technologies as part of a project to use fission nuclear systems for space missions.

UK Nuclear Energy

  • Financial Times: UK should consider wider range of nuclear power options, says top official. Great British Nuclear’s chair says reactor technologies other than French design should be looked at for ‘at least’ two more large plants.
  • Northern Echo: A team planning to build 12 nuclear reactors in Hartlepool has been given a multi-million vote of confidence from the Government. X-Energy and Cavendish Nuclear have welcomed a funding award of £3.34 million from the UK Government’s Future Nuclear Enabling Fund to continue the development of their plans for Advanced Modular Reactors in the UK.

Nuclear Energy

  • A Japanese daily BloombergThe drive to promote renewable energy is turning the screws on Europe’s nuclear industry. While churning out fossil-free electricity has never been more urgent, surging renewables and a slump in power prices are undermining operations of atomic plants that are still the cornerstone of electricity grids in several parts of the continent.
  • Beyond NuclearUS government agency reprimands NRC for ignoring climate crisis impacts on reactor safety. The findings and recommendations of a new U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) report confirm what Beyond Nuclear has been litigating with the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC): the agency cannot continue to ignore the safety impacts on nuclear power plants from the worsening climate crisis.
  • Iran International: The head of Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization, Mohammad Eslami, has said the country is entering a new phase in its nuclear development.Speaking on the occasion of National Nuclear Technology Day, Eslami emphasized ongoing progress in the development of nuclear reactors, particularly highlighting the current stage of concrete pouring. “We will witness the first concrete pouring at Phase 3 of Bushehr Power Plant in the month of May,” stated Eslami.



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