CND News: Protests are taking place across Britain this weekend

Posted: 9th April 2024

Protests are taking place across Britain this weekend to demand that the government imposes an immediate arms embargo on Israel. After six months of relentless bombardment by Israel, more than 33,000 people have been killed, thousands more missing under the rubble of buildings, and tens of thousands left with life-changing injuries.


While much of Gaza lays in ruin, Israel’s allies, including Britain, continue to supply it with weapons that kill Palestinians. Stopping this endless flow of bombs, arms, and spare parts can help save countless lives and lay the groundwork for a permanent ceasefire.


Public opinion in support of an arms embargo and ceasefire is on our side! Find a local action taking place near you this weekend and join us in demanding the British government takes the necessary action before thousands more are killed.

For those coming to the London demonstration, the route has been announced. Assembly will take place at Russell Square from 12 noon and march to Parliament Square. Details of an accessible, step-free route will be added to our event page webinar on the dangers of uranium mining takes place this Thursday, 11 April. We’ll hear from experts and Native American activists at the forefront of resisting uranium mining in the US, and discuss how plans to expand nuclear power globally will have detrimental effects on the environment and the well-being of local communities where uranium is extracted.

  • Thursday, 11 April, 6:30-7:30pm
  • Online, register here


With guest speakers: Carletta Tilousi, from the Havasupai Tribal Council – guardians of the Grand Canyon; Bruno Chareyron, Scientific Advisor at CRIIRAD (Commission for Independent Research and Information about RADiation); Linda Pentz Gunter, Beyond Nuclear. Chaired by Kate Hudson,CND General Secretary.


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 Two images side by side One shows Rishi Sunak and Jeremy Hunt looking at a model submarine with BAE Systems employees The second shows a dummy Trident II missile spinning out of control

New blog post: Government spins failing nukes!


Just weeks after the British government’s budget announcement failed to address any of the real problems that this country faces, the Prime Minister and Chancellor visited Barrow-in-Furness to announce £200 million in public funds for the town where Britain’s nuclear submarines are built.

The same week, Defence Secretary Grant Shapps outlined the government’s latest Defence Command Paper. This glossy spread trumpeted progress on the Trident replacement submarine system, a new (not so) ‘sovereign’ warhead, and a new attack submarine fleet preferably funded by Aussie dollars.


But as Kate Hudson writes in her latest blog post on the CND website, this portrayal of Britain as a leading nuclear power amounts to nothing more than a “sorry story of imperial delusion.” Read the full post on our website. 

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