An Historic Day at the UN

Posted: 9th July 2017

This announcement was made on 7th July 2017

Dear friends,

We did it!

Today, a large majority of the governments in the world adopted the treaty on the prohibition of nuclear weapons.

States would not have negotiated and adopted this treaty without ICAN, and I’m so incredibly proud of the hard work ICAN’s partner organisations and activists have done around the world to get us here today.

    This treaty comprehensively bans nuclear weapons and related activities. We hope that today marks the beginning of the end for nuclear weapons.

    We now will work to ensure that all countries committed to international humanitarian law and human rights match their values and words with action. The next step is signing the treaty on 20 September in New York.

    Thank you. Today we made history!

    Beatrice Fihn
    Executive director
    International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons

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