New paper on US military decommissioning

Posted: 14th June 2021

New paper on US military decommissioning


Given current state of NDA’s work at Aldermaston & elsewhere, I’m wondering how much of that would be applicable here.

It’s highlighting not so much the military/hardware issues, but the fragility/unaccountability of the contracted-out style of management which UK government will inevitably use:

“Though federal regulations have required that plant licensees prepare financially for this eventuality, we argue that particularly in light of commonly used corporate structures designed to strictly segregate financial risks, and under the current energy market conditions, the financial regulations in place may be insufficient in some exigent situations to ensure successful decommissioning”.



“I think that the poorest he that is in England hath a life to live, as the greatest he; and therefore truly, Sir, I think it’s clear, that every man that is to live under a government ought first by his own consent to put himself under that government; and I do think that the poorest man in England is not bound in a strict sense to that government that he hath not had a voice to put himself under.”
                         (Thomas Rainsborough, 1647)

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