CND's Press Round-Up - 11th June 2021

Posted: 14th June 2021

Please find today’s press round up below. Thank you to all for their continued help and support.

Nuclear Weapons

The New York Times report on ICAN’s new report on how NATO countries relate to the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, whilst the U.S. simultaneously removes and imposes some sanctions on Iranian officials.

New ICAN Report

The International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons released a report yesterday on how NATO countries can participate in the work of the TPNWThe New York Times has the story, pointing out that large majorities of the population in a range of European countries oppose U.S. nuclear weapons being stationed there under NATO agreements. Tim Wright from ICAN said that ‘The growing tide of political support for the new U.N. treaty in many NATO states, and the mounting public pressure for action, suggests that it is only a matter of time before one or more of these states take steps toward joining’. The UK’s warhead increase, which is damaging to claims made by British and American diplomats that the TPNW undermined the Non-Proliferation Treaty, will have also helped in this regard. The full report can be found here.
Iran Nuclear Deal
The U.S. has lifted sanctions on some named Iranian state officials, in what will be perceived to be a confidence building measure for the Vienna talks, according to the New York Times. Three individuals and two Iranian companies are believed to be affected. The State Department denies there is a connection between the move and the Vienna talks, though this has been greeted with scepticism. The U.S. did impose more sanctions on those it accuses of financing the Houthi movement in Yemen, in what analysts say is a signal to the Iranian state that the removal of sanctions will be limited to those ‘nuclear’ ones.


Boris Johnson and Joe Biden have had their first meeting in Cornwall, whilst the Daily Mail reports on tomorrow protests.

G7 Initial Meetings

The Guardian reports on the first face-to-face meeting between Boris Johnson and Joe Biden, which took place yesterday. Biden is believed to have raised the difficulties over the Northern Ireland Protocol with Johnson. Other G7 leaders will arrive in Cornwall today, with an afternoon meeting on pandemic recovery.
G7 Protests – London
The Daily Mail carries an article on the planned protest outside Downing Street tomorrow, in solidarity with the people of Palestine. There is a predictable focus on very marginal violence at 22nd May demonstration. A PSC press release is quoted.


An Iranian ship is crossing the Atlantic, seemingly on the way to South America, whilst Russia provides Iran with a new sattelite system and Israeli reprisals against Palestinians continue.

Iranian Naval Action
An Iranian warship is sailing in the Atlantic and might be heading towards Venezuela, according to the Guardian. The Sahand, along with its support vessel the Makran, left a port in southern Iran last month,  a senior military official said on Press TV. Admiral Habibollah Sayyari said that ‘the navy is improving its seafaring capacity and proving its long-term durability in unfavourable seas and the Atlantic’s unfavourable weather conditions’. The two vessels are not expected to call at any ports other than their final destination.
Russian-Iranian Military Cooperation
Russia is intending to supply Iran with an advanced satellite system, according to the Washington Post. The Kanopus-V satellite system produced in Russia would allow Iran to monitor continuously U.S. and Israeli military installations throughout the Middle East. Russian advisers are currently stationed in Iran to provide training to the personnel who will operate the eventual system. One expert is quoted as saying ‘Is Iran’s military delighted? Yes, it is, and this is a real change. But it was going to happen sooner or later’.
Palestinian Human Rights
Palestinian human rights groups have said that Israeli security forces operated a ‘torture room’ in Nazareth police station, according to the Morning Star.  The Legal Centre for Arab Minority Rights in Israel says that lawyer as well as women and children were exposed to beatings and psychological abuse. Israeli reprisals against activists continue.

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